6000 m2 for production and storage

„in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein“

Company profile

The Biermann & Kröger GmbH & Co KG is a medium-sized business which was established in October 1993. With its establishment it replaced the „Ing. Werner Biermann“ that had existed since 1949.

In 2004 the company moved to its new property in Rendsburg that contains 2 hectares of land and a building of 6.000 m2 for production and storage.

An excellent team and good machinery form the basis of the company:

  • 16 injection moulding machines with a clamping surface of up to 840 x 950 mm and a clamping force of up to 630 t, injected from above and from below
  • 4 conventional presses with mounting dimensions of up to 600 x 800 mm and clamping forces of up to 400 t
  • Blank machines and rolling mills
  • Machine for cryogenic deburring
  • Paint shop for surface coatings
  • Automated chain coating machine (cycle time from 7 sec.) & manual coating for adhesive coating
  • Oiling machinery for corrosion protection
  • Internal testing laboratory

A company from Schleswig-Holstein

The Gummiwarenfabrik Biermann & Kröger predominantly produces rubber parts for the European automotive industry. Over 15 millions of parts per year are made of the renewable raw material rubber in the company – in almost every second car you can find at least two products that have been „made in Rendsburg“.

In the meantime the small company for rubber goods has become an important supplier for the automotive industry, employs appoximately 80 employees and is certified according to the IATF 16949.

Our employees see themselves as partners of the customer

They identify with the company and ensure a process-reliable process from the submission of the offer to the delivery of the finished products.

More about our corporate philosophy